Monday, October 22, 2007

The Right Stuff

In two events this weekend R-Party's presidential candidates sparred over who is the most Conservative. Afterwards I listened to the post debate pundits and focus groups rate the performances with what had to be fabricated enthusiasm. Maybe I'm too cynical but I feel sadly disappointed by the field of misfits jokeying to be standard bearer of the Republican Party.

FRC Straw Poll....
I was looking forward to hearing the Religious Conservatives discuss their issues...but unfortunately, I learned I'm not one of them..and neither is any of the front runners that have a chance to beat Hillary.

McCain came in last and Rudy finished eighth..Huckabee, a baptist preacher spoke their language and topped the list. Romney who was not expected to do well, won one vote and came in second to Huckabee in another. Flipper must've made a hefty donation that holy rollers couldn't refuse. Bob Jones endorsed Romney too...probably got a new wing at BJU. McCain seemed annoyed that the flip flopping rich Romney was accepted by the evangelicals and he wasn't even though McCain has been a reliable pro-life Conservative since he's been in Congress...24 years.

Florida Debate...
It was apparent that McCain was still seething over his failure to win over the "faithful" when he jabbed at Romney: "You've been lying about your record, but I'm not gonna let you lie about mine." Clearly McCain, short of funds, can't compete with Romney who has a personal fortune of 200 million to back him up. Rudy (who has tougher skin) and Mitt took the usual pot shots at each other and Fred chimed in when he could...Huckabee had the best line of the night when he said: "There's nothing funny about Hillary Clinton being President." On that, all Republicans agree.

It's a bitter irony that Hillary Clinton unites Republicans more than any one of R-own candidates.

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