Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Michigan Debate

This debate should have been a Smash Hit for bean counting fiscal Conservatives; but alas, it was Show Time!! for Fred Thompson's belated debut; and, a bizarre face-to-face about who cut more taxes between two Liberals masquerading as Conservatives?

*How low can you go* expectations preceeded Thompson's appearance..he didn't drool or twitch, so he didn't bomb. He started off badly by getting that deer in the headlights look when asked the first question: Duh?...dead air. He recovered somewhat, looked at his notes and gave safe pat answers to basic Republican policy questions. Thompson just didn't seem up to being President...he lacked the stamina to withstand the strain of campaigning to be President, never mind the daily rigors of actually BEING President?

In stark contrast, Rudy and Mitt were feisty...eager to one-up the other, both raved about their tax cutting records in Liberal NYC and Massachusettes.

RG:I reduced the tax rate 17%; I cut taxes 23 times in NYC, "I led you lagged."
MR:Baloney I didn't raise taxes in Massachusettes, I lowered them."

Instead MR blasted Rudy for taking Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court over (get this?) the *line item veto.* Rudy's quick come-back was a show stopper:"What's so bad about having someone up here that beat a Clinton at something?"

Romney got the Gaff of the Day award with this sound bite:

Q:Hypothetically, would you get approval from Congress before going to War with Iran?
A."I'd sit down with my attorneys first..."

He answered that question fully but only those words were picked-up and spun by Giuliani's staff today, implying that Romney, as CIC would be reluctant about defending the USA. Rudy's playing *Tough Leader* for a Hawkish Republican audience, i.e., he'd set Iran back 8 to 10 years and ofcourse, America's Mayor based on his award winning performance on 9/ll, would stand strongest against Islamo-terrorists in the War on Terror.

Bottom Line: Fred Thompson was positioned between Rudy and Mitt...he faded into the woodwork until Romney spoke to him.

MR: "This debate is like Law and Order, it has a huge cast, the series goes on forever and Fred Thompson shows up at the end."

FT:: "I thought I was the best actor on the stage?"

Me: Hmmmm?????....not in a leading role, old boy?

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