Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clintonian Sanctuary

Beyond Pile On
Hillary Clinton's performance in the Philly D-bate has national ramifications regarding illegal immigration; an issue that Republicans will capitalize on, and Democrats, including all their Presidential candidates (except Chris Dodd), stand in a row like bobble head dolls on the dashboard, eyes squinting in the headlights, bobbing, nodding yes, bobbing, yessing approval of drivers licenses for law-breaking illegals.

Unaware or unconcerned that the consequences of handing over the keys to the jalopy, diminishes the validity of a nationally accredited ID for American citizens and inexplicably ignores basic security risks; the Democratic Party lines-up with liberal elites and panders to Hispanic interest groups because they're a would be voting block. Hillary et al are speeding towards a head-on collision with the frustrated majority of working stiffs, voters who beg only that Immigration Laws be enforced and that their well being come first.

Clinton being Clinton
"Do you or don't you support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?" A simple question requiring a yes or no answer prompted the "gender victimization" blame game waged against Tim Russert for asking a gotcha question, the Democratic challengers (How dare they?) and a call by #2, Bill Clinton, to refrain from "swiftboating" his delicate wifey. Hillary's double talk was no surprise to those of us who tuned into 8 years of the Clintons' soap opera. Hillary's candidacy is simply a re-run of that serial Power Play, only this time, Mrs. Clinton has the lead and Mr. Bill a supporting role still to be determined. One thing's for sure...they're back!!

The spin coming out of the Clinton campaign is that the men were ganging up on the only woman contender. Typical Clinton M.O., she said not a word herself but dispatched her operatives to whisper that she's an "assault victim." Is this any way to treat a woman?

The Bums Rush
A clever video hit the air waves: "The Politics of Pile On"...included was a request for money so the little woman could fight hard against the big strong men. John Edwards responded with a <<---Yes+No--->> video take off on the hilarious Kerry Windsurfing ad. Hillary's talking head says contradicting words on the same subject. She wasn't necessarily for it but she wasn't necessarily against it. Get it?

Cagey to a fault
Does Hillary or Bill ever answer candidly? Both Clintons triangulate with gusto. They work so many sides of every issue that they're incapable of replying with a simple yes or no. Hillary's billed as the change candidate. (HA! from Bill to Hill?)...she claims she is, but can anyone believe what a Clinton says? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe we'll never know or we'll see...but hey, that's Hillary....wouldn't want to alienate anyone, anywhere, on her Road Test for the WH.

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