Monday, November 12, 2007

Democrats at War

Undermining America
Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico (one of the eight states that gives drivers licenses to illegals); but that's not the issue this Veterans Day.

Like most Democrats, Richardson is regurgitating out-dated talking points about the hard fought War in Iraq. So obsolete is his description of the current situation on the ground, it's embarrassing. That an elected official from either Party is so UNINFORMED is bad enough; but worse, he flaunts his ignorance and wears his blatant denial of the facts like a campaign button for the Democratic Party.

Iraq NOW
The first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is incompetent when it comes to understanding a strategic Foreign Policy and the use of our Military to deter the enemies of the USA. Let's hope the first woman President doesn't make similar miscalculations.

This Veterans Day weekend she chose to ram through yet another "out of Iraq" resolution apparently unaware of the date and stone-deaf to any good news from Iraq. The Resolution was withdrawn (but rescheduled) after the objection of Rep.John Murtha who also objected to the Armenian genocide resolution which caused such an uproar in Turkey. (Two Pelosi turkeys)

The speaker, although briefed by the the top commander in Baghdad, failed to acknowledge the greatly improved security situation in Iraq. Maj.Gen.Joseph Fil told the NYTimes the military had routed Al Qaeda forces from Baghdad enabling the withdrawal of surge troops as planned. Did Pelosi or any of the Democratic hopefuls share the favorable report? way. They're so committed to handing GW Bush and the Republican Party a BIG loss in a campaign season that they can't accept the truth...our troops are winning, Iraqis are with us, rejecting all foreign fighters...fighting alongside US troops to rid Iraq of suicide bombers, death squads and IEDs.

Alas, Democrats can not rejoice in a victory..."Even as evidence has mounted that Gen.David Petraeus' new counter-insurgency strategy is succeeding, Democrats have remained emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq." So says Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman(I-CT) in a speech at Johns Hopkins University of School of Advanced International Studies.

Set 'em up Joe
"For many Democrats, the guiding conviction in foregn policy isn't pacifism or isolationism -- it is distrust and disdain of Republicans in general and President Bush in particular...together Sen.Kyl (R) and myself proposed an amendment to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and impose economic sanctions on passed 76-22..several Democrats including presidential candidates, even Sen.Clinton who voted FOR IT, soon began attacking it..Why? We don't trust Bush. He'll use this resolution as an excuse for war against Iran"...

"There is something profoundly wrong -- something that should trouble all of us -- when we have elected Democrats who seem more worried about how the Bush Administration might respond to Iran's murder of our troops than about the fact that Iran IS murdering our troops."

"There is likewise something profoundly wrong when we see candidates who are willing to pander to this politically paranoid, hyperpartisan sentiment in the Democratic base -- even if it sends a message of weakness and divisions to the Iranian regime."

Fish out of Water
Democrats flounder to be relevant in today's global War on Islamic Terror. Whether it's Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon or Palestine...they're behind the curve with an unrealistic pacifist agenda. Democrats simply can not defeat vicious militants with squirmy diplomacy.

Democrats are quick to defame an ally like Pervez Musharraf for locking up a few lawyers. They rant over the suspension of elections in Pakistan when they should be praising General Musharraf for dealing with the assassination attempt on the US implant, Benazir Bhutto, and the uptick in lethal attacks on innocent people (800 dead) by the scourge of binLaden's murderers fresh from a loss in nearby Iraq.

Do they respect the man who saved Pakistan from being a failed state then(1999) and now? The man who's captured or killed more radical Islamists than even US? NO..the cry from US pols is: "take off your uniform and hold elections!!" Or What? we'll withhold MONEY and negotiate with Al Qaeda terrorists ourselves (if we can find them or they don't kill us first)? Yep..we'll do it to install another half baked Democracy in the ME; we're sooooo good at it? Look around...Lunacy!!

Praise Allah. Musharraf knows best..the state of emergency remains in effect indefinitely; the elections are scheduled for January; his uniform is ON till further notice. After evaluating the turmoil, foreign policy experts have come to the conclusion that Pervez Musharraf is the best bet for US interests and more importantly, for Pakistan, Afghanistan and ultimately the World.

"I could have preserved myself, but then it would have damaged the nation. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. I have no personal ego and ambitions to guard. I hold the national interest foremost." General Musharraf

Indeed....Country FIRST...if only in America.

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