Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican YouTube Debate

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(Little Boxes)
The amateur video questioners must have been recruited by CNNs unfair and unbalanced political gurus. Those chosen focused on unflattering Republican stereo-types from a Democratic point of view that forced candidates to defend unpopular Republican positions; i.e., the death penalty, torture, and for Rudy and Mitt, illegal immigration. It gets worse; a slime ball item hot off the presses about Rudy's trips to the Hamptons with Judy made the cut. CNN sucked up all the dirt from cyber-space, boxed it in little video screens and had netnuts and know nothings hurl hard balls at the stage.

(Three's a crowd)
That said, all of the candidates were prepared for the worst and performed well...Romney wasn't the sharpest he'd been in past debates. Rudy is used to handling tough questions from sparring with the New York press and hit hard at Romney with the tid bit about hiring illegals to work on his Massachusettes home which he tagged a "Sanctuary Mansion." McCain also got the best of Mitt who wobbled on a question about waterboarding being torture. McCain jumped in with a vengeance; he's clearly emotional about the issue and slammed Romney for not opposing any kind of torture for any captive in US custody. The audience cheered.

Gotta give it to McCain, he consistently stands by his guns. He also hit Ron Paul's anti-war diatribe, by championing, the disgracefully under-reported, successful surge strategy in Iraq. McCain had time for once to toot his own horn; he reminded us all that he had openly criticized Rumsfeld and the "light foot print" tactics that went no where for 4 years, and then, ardently supported Gen. Petraeus' new approach to victory.

(No Surrender)
Is the straight talk express alive and well? He's definitely trying to recapture the Maverick status that won him legions of followers from quarters unlikely for Republicans. But this is the Primary and It's the Conservative base that's turned a blind eye on McCain. Sadly, they refuse to see that John McCain is the only loyal, life long Republican with the gravitas, authenticity and credibility to defeat Hillary Clinton and deliver the White House to the beleaguered Republican Party.

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