Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Today Gov. Spitzer 86ed his proposal to give Drivers Licenses to illegals; he folded from pressure from 75% of New Yorkers, D-state party members, federal DC Democrats, the DNC, every Republican in the World, and last but not least, the Clinton Campaign. (Here's the best part.) Strike up the band, get the Windsurfing Ad out of the can...Hillary (hyperventilated over the polls) has promised NOT to give Drivers Licenses (get these weasel words) to *undocumented people* when President. Undocumented people? What does that mean?

Besides, I thought she said administering drivers licenses was a state matter and immigration was a federal matter? So if President she couldn't do anything about what states do, right? WRONG. The Democratic Party has proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which Mrs.Clinton supports, soooo within that "Amnesty" Legislation, drivers licenses for illegals could be one of our citizens' rights that get sold down the river for would be Illegal Votes for Democrats...and Madam President will sign our sovereignty away in a New York minute.

Best line on Hillary's tedious panderfest was said by Obama: " wonder she prefers to plant questions." (that's Obama fired up).

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