Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Fare

(Selecting the Bird)
It looks like Hillary has out smarted herself with the slimey Clintonian whisper campaign against Obama. In Iowa, a new ABC/Washington Post poll found Barack Obama ahead of Clinton and Edwards: Obama 30; Clinton 26; Edwards 22.

Over the weekend, Bob Novak wrote about a Clinton "agent" that's spreading this little spit ball: Hillary's regime has "scandalous" information about Obama, but SHE has decided not to release it. Yeah right, does anyone smell a rat?

Do these dirty tricks conjure flash backs to James Carvell, Larry Flint and the master of deception, Bill Clinton? Atleast Obama didn't let the artful innuendo fester; he faced the Media immediately and called Hillary's bluff. Ofcourse, "the artful dodger" denied she had anything to do with it and blamed Obama for being unprepared to fill the office of the Presidency.

Also in that poll, Iowans indicated that they trust Obama to be honest 2 to 1 over Hillary Clinton. Wonder if Iowa Democrats will vote with their hearts or their heads? Discussion here.

Obama threw a second punch at the *former* frontrunner in Iowa when he defended himself against her charge of his scant resume' devoid of experience while she paints herself as the consummate DC insider ready to step into the job on day one. Obama jabbed: "My understanding is she wasn't Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. Rather than just assert experience, if she has specific differences with me in regard to economic policy, than let's have that debate."

(Slow Roasting)
It's well known that Mrs.Clinton ran a behind the scenes operation at the WH. Rumor has it, that the staff tried to avoid her manic reprimands; afterall, she was keeping tabs on Bill and they were charged with the assist. Ofcourse, because of her winning personality, no one squealed on Bill and the rest is Clinton Legacy stuff preserved for history in the Starr Report.

Speaking of President Clinton, he put her in charge of Health Care Reform..we also know how that worked for her. Come to think of it, what success can she point to as First Lady? The FBI Files? The Travel Office dismissals? Vince Foster's suicide? She was in-on the Chinese fund raising scandals and Lincoln Bedroom follies? In fact, Hillary Clinton was in on every detail of Bill Clinton's Presidency. You've got to ask yourself, was that good or bad experience?

"There is one job we can't afford on-the-job training for -- our next President. That could be the costliest job training in history" said Clinton. She should know.

(Room for Desert)
Do people want to gorge themselves on second and third helpings of left-overs, or will we be wiser to recall the relief we felt when "it" was all finally over? "It" being the policy of deception introduced to us by the Clinton Administration the first time.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Be safe.

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